Manually Installing the Debugger Core

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When manually configuring remote debugging, the Wing debugger core must be installed on the remote machine. The easiest way to do that is just to install Wing there. If that is not possible, there are two options: (1) Copy just the debugger files from a Wing installation on the same type of machine, or (2) compile the debugger core from sources (available for Wing Pro only).

Copying from Wing Installation

When copying from an existing Wing installation on another machine, you will need to copy all of the following files and directories from the install directory listed in Wing's About box:
bin/#.#/ (only Python 2.5)
bin/#.#/opensource/schannel (Python versions other than 2.5)
bin/#.#/ (only Python 2.5)

Replace #.# with each version Python you wish to debug under (for example, 2.5). You can omit the directories for the versions that you are not using.

The directories within zip files (used only in Python 2.5 and later) can either be copied by moving the entire zip file or by creating a subset that contains only the necessary directories.

Be sure to copy these directories from a Wing installation on the same type of host, so that on Linux/Unix you include *.so extension modules, on Windows *.pyd extension modules, and so forth.

Compiling from Source

On machines for which there is no Wing installer, the debugger core can be installed from source code. This is only available to Wing Pro customers, and requires signing a non-disclosure agreement. The compilation instructions are located in build-files/README.DBG-SRC/txt in the source distribution that you will be provided with.