Source Assistant Options

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There are several options available to control docstring rendering. These accessed by right clicking on the Source Assistant:

Use PEP 287 docstrings -- By default Wing tries to render docstrings by treating them as PEP 287 reStructuredText Docstring Format. This option can be used to disable PEP 287 rendering so they are always shown as plain text instead.

Show PEP 287 parse errors -- By default Wing falls back to displaying docstrings that cannot be parsed as reStructuredText as plain text. Enable this option to instead render them with reStructuredText parse errors.

Show docstring type and validity -- This enables or disables the floating docstring type and validity indicator in the top right of the docstring area.

Rewrap plain text docstrings -- By default Wing employs a heuristic to rewrap paragraphs in docstrings, in order to make better use of available display space. This option can be disabled to show the docstring exactly as it appears in the source code.

Always show docstrings -- By default Wing shows the docstring only of the last symbol being displayed in the Source Assistant, in order to save on display space. Enable this option to always show the docstring for all symbols.

The Source Assistant context menu can also be used to copy text or HTML to the clipboard, change the display font size, and access this documentation.