Docstring Type and Validity

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By default the Source Assistant displays a type and validity indicator for docstrings, showing whether the docstring was successfully parsed or reformatted. The following messages may be displayed:

✔ PEP287 -- The docstring parses successfully using PEP 287 reStructuredText Docstring Format and is being rendered accordingly. This only occurs when the Use PEP 287 for docstrings option is enabled.

✖ PEP287 -- The docstring does not parse successfully as reStructuredText and is showing inline parse errors. This only occurs when the Show PEP 287 parse errors option is enabled.

Rewrapped -- The docstring is being shown as plain text but Wing has heuristically rewrapped paragraphs. This only occurs when the Rewrap plain text docstrings option is enabled.

Plain Text -- The docstring is being shown as plain text, exactly as it appears in the source code.

See Source Assistant Options for a list of the available display options.