Trouble-shooting Failure to Start

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If you are having trouble getting Wing to start at all, read through this section for information on diagnosing the problem.

To rule out problems with a project file or preferences, try renaming your User Settings Directory and restart Wing. If this works, you can copy over files from the renamed directory one at a time to isolate the problem -- or email support at wingware dot com for help.

On Windows, the user's temporary directory sometimes becomes full, which prevents Wing from starting. Check whether the directory contains more than 65,000 files.

On Linux, OS X, or other Posix systems, in some cases when the ~/.cache directory or the cache directory set by the $XDG_CACHE_DIR is located on an NFS or other remote file server, Wing can't obtain a lock on a database file. To use slower, dotfile locking set the Use sqlite dotfile locking preference to enabled or run Wing with the --use-sqlite-dotfile-locking command line option. Note that all Wing processes, regardless of the system they're running on, that use the same cache directory need to either use or not use dotfile locking.

Constant Guard from Comcast can prevent Wing from starting without showing any dialog or message that it is doing so.

In other cases, refer to Obtaining Diagnostic Output.