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"For me the one thing that stands out in Wing IDE is the debugger" -- Konrad Hinsen

Wing IDE includes a powerful multi-threaded Python debugger that works with most forms of Python code running under many versions of CPython and Stackless Python. The debugger's flow control and flexible data viewing features speed the isolation of bugs and facilitate the process of crafting a bug fix.

Isolate Bugs
Screencast: Isolate Bugs (1:03) Wing stops at and reports unhandled exceptions encountered at runtime, immediately displaying the code at the point of failure. For cases where understanding a bug requires stopping before the actual exception is raised, the debugger supports regular, temporary, and conditional breakpoints, as well as the ability to disable breakpoints or ignore them a specified number of times. This makes it easy to isolate and then step through the particular invocation where a bug occurs.
Inspect Runtime State
Screencast: Inspect Runtime State (1:04) Wing IDE's Stack Data, Modules, and Watch tools make it easy to inspect, track, and even change the runtime state of the debug process. For convenience, Wing also shows floating debug value tooltips when the mouse is hovered over symbols that are active on the debug stack. The Watch tool allows values to be tracked by symbolic name and object reference. Watching by object reference facilitates tracking a value in a datastructure even as local symbolic references to it go out of scope.
Interact with the Debug Probe
Screencast: Debug Probe (1:19) The Debug Probe allows running interactive Python commands, with auto-completion and call tips, in the context of the current stack frame in your paused debug process. This tool is unmatched for complex debugging, and a great way to try out code in context while crafting a bug fix. Fixing bugs is also assisted by use of live runtime state to fuel the auto-completer and call tips displayed when working in the editor in code that is on an active stack frame.
Debug Websites and Embedded Code
Screencast: Debug Websites and Embedded Code (0:51) Wing IDE can debug code that is running within a web server, web framework, or in an embedded instance of Python. Remote debugging makes it possible to debug code running on another host. The debugger also includes an API that can be useful when debugging Python code running within a larger non-Python application or to control which threads are debugged in a multi-threaded application.
New in 4.x Debug Django Templates
Screencast: Debug Django Templates (1:02) Wing IDE can stop at breakpoints and then step through Django Template files. While debugging a Django Template file, the Stack Data and other debugger tools work within the template's runtime context. Being able to see the debug position within the Django template files, rather than working with Python frames in the Django template engine implementation, makes it easier to understand and debug template invocations.

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