Viewing Debug Data

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Wing Pro's debugger provides many ways to inspect your debug program's data:

  • The Stack Data tool displays values in locals and globals for the currently selected stack frame. The display includes an expandable tree of values, and array and textual views for individual values. See Stack Data View for details.
  • The Modules tool supports the same type of inspection for values in all loaded modules (as determined by sys.modules).
  • The Watch tool can watch specific values from either of the above views. Right-click on values to watch them by symbolic name or object reference. See Watching Values for details.
  • The Watch tool can also watch expressions typed into the tool.
  • Hovering the mouse cursor over a symbol in the editor displays the value of that symbol in a tooltip, if it is in defined in the current stack frame. See Viewing Data on the Editor for details.
  • Holding down Shift-Space shows tooltips containing the values of all visible names on the editor. See Viewing Data on the Editor for details.
  • The Debug Console can be used to interact with the current stack frame of the debug process, in order to inspect data with arbitrary Python code. See Interactive Debug Console for details.

In Wing 101 and Wing Personal only the Stack Data tool is available.

Debug data displayed by Wing is fetched from the debug server on the fly as you navigate. Because of this, you may experience a brief delay when a change in an expansion or stack frame results in a large data transfer.

For the same reason, leaving large amounts of debug data visible on screen may slow down stepping through code.

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