File Sets

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File sets are named groups of files that can be opened together or searched from the Search in Files tool in the Tools menu. File sets are created in several ways:

  • Open the desired files and use Name Set of Open Files in the Files > File Sets menu.
  • Select the desired files in the Project or Open Files tools in the Tools menu. Then right-click on the tool and select Name Selected File Set, or use Name Set of Selected Files in the Files > File Sets menu.
  • Search in the Search in Files tool in the Tools menu and when the search is complete use Name Result File Set in the tool's Options menu.

Once defined, file sets can be opened from the Files > File Sets menu and they are included by name in the Search in Files tool's Look in menu.

Managing File Sets

To view or edit the defined file sets, use Manage File Sets in the File > File Sets menu. Right-click to access all the available operations in this dialog. To rename a file set, click on its name and edit the name in place.

Binding File Sets to Keys

File sets can be bound to a key binding that will open all the files in the file set into the editor. This is done in the Manage File Sets dialog from the Files > File Sets menu, by selecting the file set, right clicking, and choosing Set Key Binding.

To enter a key binding, just press the desired binding while focus is in the Key binding field. Bindings can consist of multiple parts, such as Ctrl-H B. Pressing multiple keys will create a key binding sequence, unless too much time elapses between the key presses. To reset the value to blank (no key binding), select all text and press Backspace or Delete.

Shared File Sets

File sets can be stored either in the project file (the default) or in a shared file that is used by all projects. To share a file set, open the Manage File Sets dialog from the File > File Sets menu and check the Shared checkbox.