Package Management with conda

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When conda is used for package management, Wing runs conda command lines to implement the package operations.

Because of the way that Anaconda is designed, running conda only works using the Anaconda base installation that is associated with your Anaconda environment. As a result, Wing must be able to find the Anaconda base installation before package management with conda will work.

Unfortunately, there is no way for Wing to always automatically detect the location of the Anaconda base installation from the environment configured with Python Executable in Wing's Project Properties. As a result, one of the following conditions must be met in order to use conda with Wing:

(1) If Anaconda is installed in a default location, Wing will find it and run conda env list to list the environments known to it. If the active environment is in the list, then that Anaconda base installation is used. The locations searched for this case are anaconda2 and anaconda3 located in the user's home directory, and on Linux and macOS also inside ~/opt and /opt.

(2) If Anaconda is not installed in a default location, Wing tries to find the base installation from the location of the environment's python or python.exe. This assumes that the environment is in the default location for Anaconda environments, which is envs inside the base Anaconda installation.

If neither of these works then Wing will be unable to run conda and the Packages tool will remain empty.