Creating a Project

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To create a new project, use the New Project item in the Project menu. This will prompt you to save any changes to your currently open project and will create a new untitled project.

When you create a new project, you will often want to alter some of the Project Properties to point Wing at the version of Python you want to use, set PYTHONPATH so Wing's source analyzer and debugger can find your files, and set any other necessary runtime environment for your code.

To add files to your project, use the following items in the Project menu:

  • Add Existing Directory allows you to specify a directory to include in the project. In many cases, this is the only operation needed to set up a new project, and it is the recommended approach. You will be able to specify a filter of which files to include, whether to include hidden & temporary files, and whether to include subdirectories. The list of files in the project will be updated as files matching the criteria are added and removed from the disk. When Remote Hosts have been defined, this may invoke the remote directory browser. A shortcut for setting up a remote directory in a project before remote hosts are defined is to enter a url in the form ssh://[username@]hostname/path/to/dir. When this is done, Wing will offer to set up the remote host. To select a local directory from the remote directory browser, change the host selector in the dialog to localhost.
  • Add Current File will add the current editor file to the project if it is not already there.
  • Add Existing File will prompt you to select a single file to add to the project view. This may also result in adding a new directory to the project manager window, if that file is the first to be added for a directory. As for adding existing directories, this command may show the remote file browser if the default directory for browsing is on a remote host. To select a local file from the remote file browser, change the host selector to localhost.
  • Add New File is used to create a new file and simultaneously add it to your project.

A subset of these options can be accessed from the context menu that appears when right-clicking your mouse on the surface of the project manager window.