Wing Python IDE 7.0 - April 8, 2019

Wing 7 introduces an improved code warnings and code quality inspection system that includes built-in error detection and tight integration with pylint, pep8, and mypy. This release also adds a new data frame and array viewer, a MATLAB keyboard personality, easy inline debug data display with Shift-Space, improved stack data display, support for PEP 3134 chained exceptions, callouts for search and other code navigation features, four new color palettes, improved bookmarking, a high-level configuration menu, magnified presentation mode, a new update manager, stepping over import internals, simplified remote agent installation, and much more.

Wing 7 Screen Shot

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Some Highlights of Wing 7

Code Warnings and Quality Inspection (Wing Pro)

Wing 7's new code warnings and code quality inspection system focuses on early identification of real coding errors, including syntax errors, undefined variables and attributes, unresolved imports, and other types of errors. Warnings may also be obtained from external checkers such as pylint, pep8, and mypy.

Data Frame and Array Viewer

The new array viewer for debug data can work efficiently with very large data sets created with Pandas, numpy, xarray, sqlite3, and any Python lists, tuples, and dicts. To use the array viewer, right click on an item in the Stack Data tool and select View as Array.

Improved Debug Data Display

In Wing Pro, pressing Shift-Space while the debugger is active and paused displays the value of all visible symbols in the editor, using popup tooltips.

Other debugger improvements include better support for PEP 3134 chained exceptions, filtering out __name__ special names and other symbol types, hiding memory addresses, and viewing dictionaries in sorted order.

Improved Bookmarking (Wing Pro)

The bookmarks tool was redesigned to make it easier to use bookmarks to manage development tasks, by assigning categories, entering notes, and filtering bookmark display by category or text fragment. Bookmarks now track better across external file changes, and can be shared with other projects and users.

And Much More

Wing 7 also introduces a new high-level configuration menu, magnified presentation mode, editor callouts for easier search and code navigation, new color palettes, a MATLAB keyboard personality, typeshed integration, updated and expanded documentation, and many other improvements.

For details see What's New in Wing 7

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Wing 7 is a an exciting new step for Wingware's Python IDE product line. Find out how Wing 7 can turbocharge your Python development by trying it today.

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Wing 7 installs side by side with earlier versions of Wing, so there is no need to remove old versions in order to try it. Wing 7 will read and convert your old preferences, settings, and projects. Projects should be saved to a new name since earlier versions of Wing cannot read Wing 7 projects.

See Upgrading for details and Migrating from Older Versions for a list of compatibility notes.