Wingware Early Access Program

Wingware's Early Access Program lets you try out new versions of Wing while they are still under development.

Wing 10 is now available as an early access release.

You can participate in this program simply by downloading and using the early releases of Wing. We ask only that you keep your feedback and bug reports private by submitting them through Wing's Help menu or by emailing

Wing November 7, 2023

Wing 9 Screen Shot

Wing 10 introduces support for Python 3.12 and makes a number of bug fixes and usability improvements. Wing Pro also adds support for Poetry in New Project and the Packages tool, and allows Ruff as an external code checker in the Code Warnings tool.


IMPORTANT Be sure to Check for Updates from Wing's Help menu after installing so that you have the latest hot fixes.

This is a beta release. Please try it and email us if you find problems or have suggestions!

Wing Pro

Wing Personal

Wing 101

Wing 9 and earlier versions are not affected by installation of Wing 10 and may be installed concurrently.

Project files for Wing <=9 are converted when opened by Wing 10 and should be saved under a new name, since Wing 10 projects cannot be opened by older versions of Wing.

New in Wing 10

Support for Python 3.12

Wing 10 introduces support for Python 3.12, including (1) debugging either with PEP 669 sys.monitoring or legacy tracer, (2) PEP 695 parameterized classes, functions and methods, (3) PEP 695 type statements, and (4) PEP 701 style f-strings.

Poetry Package Management

Wing Pro 10 adds support for Poetry package management in the New Project dialog and the Packages tool.

See Project Manager > Creating Projects > Creating Python Environments and Package Manager > Package Management with Poetry under Wing Manual in the Help menu for details.

Ruff for Code Warnings

Wing Pro 10 all add support for Ruff as an external code checker in the Code Warnings tool, accessed from the Tools menu.

See Code Warnings and Quality Inspection > External Code Quality Checkers under Wing Manual in the Help menu for details.

Changes and Incompatibilities

Wing 10 makes a few changes that affect compatibility with some systems or alter the behavior of some features:

  • The environment used to invoke commands in the Django menu now includes any environment defined in Project Properties
  • Deprecated command start-select-block has been removed (use start-select-rectangle instead)
  • CAPIEditor.FoldUnfold's fold_check_cb receives (line_text, line_number) arguments and not just the line_text. The old call signature of (line_text) is still supported.
  • .venv directories are omitted from searches and the Project view by default
  • StopIteration exceptions are no longer reported immediately in the Always Immediately exception reporting mode

If you have questions about any of this, please don't hesitate to contact us at